gift guide: for the new mom

This might be the most fun gift guide to put together, the gift guide for the new mom! Help her relax in the tub or stay cozy in style, this list has something in every price point for the new mommy on your list!

gift guide: for the new mom

Honest Company Welcome Home Kit $50 I love everything Honest!

2015 Agenda $90 
Pregnancy brain is a real thing! Help her stay organized.

Morning After Kit $29 
Wrap this with a gift card to DryBar and even offer to babysit!

Queen Dish $38 
So she remembers who is boss, despite the lack of sleep. 

Monogrammed Necklace $189 
To include the new arrival's monogram

St. Anne Diaper Bag $185 
The best diaper bag around! Get is personalized with a monogram and her favorite colors. 

Poncho Blanket Scarf $41
For the awkward months post bump and to wrap her little one up with her. 

Sterling Silver Frame $149 
Ask for the husband's help to print some {tasteful} delivery room photos. 

Baby Notes Journal $26 
To help her journal to her little one, or keep notes organized

Veuve Clicquot $45 
To celebrate!

Bathtub Wineglass Holder $15 
wrap with a bottle of her favorite wine and offer a time to come over and babysit so she can relax in the tub.

Monogrammed Note Pad $22 
to help her stay organized

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