pregnancy survival guide

I have been asked what things have helped me survive pregnancy. I have loved every minute, even the painful bits, and even though it's not over, below is what has gotten be to the 9+ month mark.

pregnancy survival guide

  • anything from Hatch. - Yes, some of the clothing is a bit pricey, but I have lived in these striped tops, I worn this dress until it became too short (I now wear it with leggings) and a couple of dresses got me feeling beautiful for festivities and date nights. {If you shop from here, the return policy is a bit more lenient). 
  • Gapfit Maternity leggings -so comfortable! I got my regular size and they have worked from 4 months to 10 months. As I am a strong proponent of working out through pregnancy, I was also pleasantly surprised that my favorite Lululemon tank has worked throughout my pregnancy in my normal size. It is plenty long to cover your bump throughout pregnancy. 
  • New lip gloss  - when I was feeling gross/fat/tired a new lip gloss (in Chihuahua) made me feel better
  • Havianans - with the hardwood flooring and tile in our home and working 12 hour shifts at the hospital until 7 months, the padding and non restrictions of these comfy flip-flops saved my feet.
  • TopShop Maternity - amazing price points and great styles. I could not recommend this more to any expecting mom. Also, their non maternity one pieces {LOVE this one}, in a size up worked perfectly from about 3 to 6 months, then I went to their maternity one piece. 
  • DryBar Blow drys - a great way to relax and look great for date night with the Dad to be. Plus, I love their products, and found a new favorite at this week's blow dry, which I know will be very helpful for after.
  • J.Crew Maternity jeans -  As I have recounted in multiple posts, the white maternity denim was a complete lifesaver. I ordered my normal size and they worked from 4 months until birth. They made pregnancy outfits seem more pulled together while staying on trend.

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  1. The nail polish is so cute. I also think you have picked some beautiful clothes!

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights


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