Sometimes I wish I lived in a colder climate so I would wear more coats. But then I remember that I tend to run cold anyway  and that I am lucky to live in San Diego. Nevertheless, my love for a great trench is undeniable: versatile and classic, I think that it is great investment piece that everyone should have in their closet. I have a black Burberry Trench that has not gotten much use in Southern California, but was very helpful when living in Texas, New York and my endless travels. That being said, I think that a khaki, or neutral trench is a must have as well. 

While this gorgeous one will last you a lifetime, the price point makes it a little difficult to rationalize for a Thursday purchase. Never fear! I have selected a roundup of great trenches for you below all under $100! I am in love with this grayish blue trench for $33. love love love!

photos found here and here

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  1. this is a forever classic. i inivite you to read my new post



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