white maternity jeans

 Navy tank, non maternity{$88} // Theory blazer, old, similar found here at 60% off, non maternity // Maternity white jeans {$145, $115} // Chloe flats in cloud, more sizes and colors here // Ray Bans // Navy Saint Laurent

 Navy tanknon maternity{$88} // Theory blazer, old, similar found here at 60% off, non maternity // Maternity white jeans {$145, $115} // Chloe flats in cloud, more sizes and colors here // Ray Bans // Navy Saint Laurent

On a day to day, I love a great basic: easily dressed up or down and never out of style, I find it easy to legitimize at any price.  And what is better than basics in navy and neutrals?
Now, with a growing bump, basics have been become daily go-to, like, everyday. I have had a very hard time finding maternity clothing that I like, except for these jeans, so I have been finding great loose fits and have sized up, with fingers crossed that they will work until November.


  1. i don't have a hard time spending a little more on basics. you wear them so much, they have to be better quality so they still look nice with daily wear. love this simple look on you :)
    xo jac

  2. As per seeing your pics i think the white color maternity jeans looks great.


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