pale nails

I am always on the hunt for the perfect pale nail manicure. When I have time I go to my manicurist who creates a custom gel color. In between gels, I tend to attempt to layer the colors that I have, but I am excited to say I found the perfect pale nail: Essie in Romper Room. I have eyed Fiji, their most popular color, many times but found it to be too pink. If you love the look of the above photos as much as I do, do yourself a favor, but this color and book a mani/pedi party, stat!

photos courtesy of Pinterest via here, here and here.


  1. I love pail nail polishes but since last summer my favorite color for a mani/pedi is white... It instantly makes me feel like summer vacation & strolling in the beach...

    Have a great day!!!

    xoxo Violeta, your Shoegal Out In The World


    1. I can never get white to look non streaky and I love the blush undertone of this one, but do also love the look of white nails for summer!

  2. I LOVE pale nails too...gorgeous and beautiful!! :)

    Layla xx



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