orange everywhere.

purse available here

Happy Halloween! I hope you are wearing lots of orange. 

photos from here, Pinterest and navy & orange


in the mix

I am all about the mix and nobody does it quite like the Miss Olivia Palermo. Hot pink with leopard and camo? The perfect mix of feminine and masculine all punctuated with the perfect blow out and sunnies.  I think this skirt would be so fun with these loafers or this jacket paired with this full skirt.

photo courtesy of on abbot kinney


home decor that I adore

I buy hydrangeas weekly. Our home is slightly Spanish, slightly California coastal chic, so there is bright accents and a couple of blue walls. The white hydrangeas offset the other pops of color. 

Housewife hint: cut the stems under running warm water at an angle. Start with longer stems and as the flowers begin to welt, re cut about an inch higher, add a dab of sugar into fresh water and watch them renew to brighten your house for longer. 

I just had to share these gorgeous home decor photos as they are the epitome of home decor I adore and similar themes for our abode: rustic undertones, loads of natural light, blue accents, hydrangeas and a hint of Hermes {similar personalized blanket found here}.

photos courtesy of the Cinderella project



navy & orange is a way for me to share things that I think you should know about. Whether that be a pair of pants, an amazing sale or a recipe that I just tried, navy & orange tends to stick with the lighter hearted things.

But sometimes I might share things other than the typical blogging subject that I think that you need to know about and that is going to happen today.

Last night CNN aired 'Blackfish' a documentary that I have anxious to see for months and it could be argued have wanted to participate in my entire life. My obsession with orcas came on early; my family still makes fun of me for a 4th grade project that I did about them, originally titled "A Black and White Friend." That was until I realized the way they captured their prey and then I changed the report's title to something more appropriate. Nevertheless, it is a fascination that has stuck with me in my adult life.

I strongly encourage you to see this movie.

If you are worried that it will be too sad, I promise that it gives you interesting information about killer whales and makes you think about our world and the amazing environment that we all live in. It will make you think about where we get these majestic creatures and why.

Please find more information here, the Oceanic Preservation Society {where I asked my friend's to donate for my birthday and will ask my family to for Christmas}. I also encourage you to see the Academy Awarded Best Documentary The Cove. Again if you are worried that the content is too sad or graphic, the first 82 minutes is more about mercury poisoning in Japan and the history of flipper. The last 10 minutes are graphic but will stick with you and will make you want to spread the word to the world about dolphins.



A trench is something every lady should have in her closet. If you live in parts of the country that winter coats are needed, this is a great transitional piece. If you live in warmer climate, a trench serves as a great outer layer, perfect over cashmere in a milder winter weather. 

Shop my picks below. There are some lust worthy pieces, like this one and some that you need not to argue with yourself for long to justify, like this one for $64.

photos courtesy of this is glamorous and vogue


yummy kale salad

The other night, the husband gave me the ultimate compliment: he said my new recipe was the best meal he has ever had. Ever. Touchdown wife. 

It was kale, quinoa and salmon and surprisingly easy to make. Recipe below.

Fresh farmed salmon
leave the skin on
salt and pepper with a small drizzle of olive oil
place in the oven at 350 for about 15 minutes depending on the thickness
when checking if done, the cooked fish should come apart easily with a fork.
serve warm or cool. 

place about a half of a cup of quinoa into about a cup and a half of boiling water or vegtable broth.
keep cooking on low heat until the quinoa has soaked up most of the liquid.
set aside.

lightly dress cute kale with honey mustard vegan dressing, this is my favorite
Toss adding in cool or warm quinoa. 
place salmon on top and serve to your sweetie!


can I please...

Have these perfect shoes?

These fab flats are the essential thing to have in your closet: ladylike, a classic shape, sparkle and all topped off with a black bow. Currently Kate Spade is having a 30% off sale with code FALL13FF bringing these lovely shoes from budget friendly {especially when compaired to these} to a lovely $166. Steal and a half. 

If the sequin is too aggressive for you, I found these fab shoes in pink, purple and black velvet. Swoon worthy indeed!


brights for the weekend

I am loving fall layers of cashmere and neutrals, but I hope this photo sets the tone for your weekend! Makes me want to be wearing this budget friendly dress or this one with colors and fabric a bit more fall friendly. 

happy weekend!


denim on denim on YSL

As seen on my Instagram, I recently tried the denim on denim look. While I originally thought this look was a little too edge for me, I paired it with one of my YSL's {she recently got a Saint Lauren sister, but more on that later. stay tuned!}, a statement necklace and pink lipstick. The end result was surprisingly pulled together, yet feminine and I look forward to pairing it with my new blazer or layer it with this cashmere in pale pink  to make the look more feminine. 

denim {$158} // chambray {$78, $68} // flats {$150, $115} // lipstick in L'Eclatante {$34} // necklace {$135} // bag more colors here

photos courtesy of pretty stuff and this is glamorous


winter white

There is nobody that rocks a monochromatic look as well as my mom. I used to make fun of her growing up, thinking she looked too matchy-matchy. That was one of those moments that I realized I was a grown up: when I found myself dressing in monochromatic looks {never mind that I was in my early 20's and, no, I still do not feel like a grown up.}

Thank goodness for the lovely head to toe white looks that popped up all over the Spring 2014 runways and the streets for the coordinating shows. I will be rocking this chunky knit with my favorite white skinnies, but also love the idea of pairing this adorable skirt with black tights and my favorite Marc Jacobs booties from my New York days. 

all photos from Pinterest 



Is there anything more classic than a tuxedo? 

Left Saint Laurent // Right Ted Baker

photo courtesy of here


personal style

What girl doesn't live for street style? With fashion month over until February, I am still having fun stalking Pinterest for style inspiration. Personal style has never some across so lovely. While other fashionistas are trying to out do each other or emulate the fashion editorial pages, this lady pulled current favorites from her closet, and looked of the moment and comfortable. 

A great lesson to remember: be yourself. everyone else is taken. 

If you dress for you, you will undoubtedly look amazing and emulate a style that is 100% original. 
Nevertheless, she has inspired me to pick up some white pumps

sunglasses {$20} // white button down {$235, $188} // denim {$70} // sweater {$60} // pumps {$300}

photos courtesy of pretty stuff and riches for rags


a wonderful year...

As a blogger, I am constantly totting either part of the line of what I am comfortable sharing. Living in big city that is a small town and having a husband that honors privacy among all else, blogging is a funny hobby to pick up. It is quiet a interesting argument to have with myself weekly when blogging: what to share and what not to share. 

Nevertheless, I wanted to get a little more personal.

 With this birthday upon me, I have been thinking recently of how fortunate I have been and all the journeys, physically and emotionally, I have been lucky enough to experience.  This past year I have traveled to Texas twice, been to India, a place I always dreamt of going and was lucky to relive bits of my honeymoon with a recent trip to Europe. I got to experience many friends getting engaged, adding to growing families and fall in love. I started the year in Acapulco and will end it in Hawaii and Santa Ynez.

While getting older is never fun, and something I don't necessarily look forward to, I do love birthdays. While this one is a little more scary than most, I have had a very fun time looking back on all of my life experiences, how they have shaped me, encouraged me to grow and get to know myself, and led me to where I am now: right here, where I am supposed to be. Every little place that I have been has found a spot in my heart and I am so thankful for everything that I have been blessed enough to be a part of. Thank you for being a part of it all.

photos from Pinterest


kicking off the weekend early

{similar tray found here and here}

I'm kicking off the birthday weekend a little early with a celebratory luncheon today. 
 I'm a lucky girl!

photos courtesy of Pinterest
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