put a bow on it

I've always been a bow girl, thanks to my mom always adding one to my do in my youth. Recently, my hair has changed textures so I have been trying to find new ways to deal with it and love the idea of a simple bow {like this one in black} or a festive red ribbon. 

photos courtesy of here and cinderella project


  1. I love the look of the red ribbon on a slightly undone and low-key chignon - it adds a bit of femininity to it and it's so festive.

  2. i haven't worn a hair bow in awhile...now i'm inspired to tie one around my ponytail!

  3. I've never really stopped to look at how pretty a simple ribbon in the hair is...thinking this would make a great, inexpensive way to dress up a simple outfit!

  4. Love feminine touches like this. :)



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