trends for cheap.

While I love stocking up on new additions to the closet as much as the next girl, I love the idea of staying on trend on the cheap {read: saving money, not quality}. 

As seen here, you can easily dress for the change of season by incorporating items you already have in your closet!

Sometimes, all you need for look current is a change in your makeup routine. I am obsessed with lipstick. Obsessed. So I love when the weather turns chilly and I am able to whip out my favorite red lipstick {in Passion}. Lately, I have been loving the prominent brows and wine lip. And it takes two seconds to get ready as the rest of the face should be minimal.

Shop my picks below. 
{this is my newest beauty bag addition. Use it right under the brow for the perfect pop to make any brow look prominent}

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  1. Oh yeah you don't have to spend so much to be trendy
    that is if you know where to get the goods at the right price.


  2. Love this look! So great for Fall :) xx

  3. Hi

    Thank you for visiting my blog and your comment!

    You are so right, lipstick makes and outfit and passion is my absolute fav, great post

    Donna x



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