denim on denim on YSL

As seen on my Instagram, I recently tried the denim on denim look. While I originally thought this look was a little too edge for me, I paired it with one of my YSL's {she recently got a Saint Lauren sister, but more on that later. stay tuned!}, a statement necklace and pink lipstick. The end result was surprisingly pulled together, yet feminine and I look forward to pairing it with my new blazer or layer it with this cashmere in pale pink  to make the look more feminine. 

denim {$158} // chambray {$78, $68} // flats {$150, $115} // lipstick in L'Eclatante {$34} // necklace {$135} // bag more colors here

photos courtesy of pretty stuff and this is glamorous


  1. What a beautiful look! I have to replicate this,

  2. My husband has this picture of himself from the 6th grade rocking a Canadian tuxedo and I used to make fun of him all the time...but now..I wear it!! haha! And your bag is lovely!!!! I'm jelly. xoxo


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