navy & orange is a way for me to share things that I think you should know about. Whether that be a pair of pants, an amazing sale or a recipe that I just tried, navy & orange tends to stick with the lighter hearted things.

But sometimes I might share things other than the typical blogging subject that I think that you need to know about and that is going to happen today.

Last night CNN aired 'Blackfish' a documentary that I have anxious to see for months and it could be argued have wanted to participate in my entire life. My obsession with orcas came on early; my family still makes fun of me for a 4th grade project that I did about them, originally titled "A Black and White Friend." That was until I realized the way they captured their prey and then I changed the report's title to something more appropriate. Nevertheless, it is a fascination that has stuck with me in my adult life.

I strongly encourage you to see this movie.

If you are worried that it will be too sad, I promise that it gives you interesting information about killer whales and makes you think about our world and the amazing environment that we all live in. It will make you think about where we get these majestic creatures and why.

Please find more information here, the Oceanic Preservation Society {where I asked my friend's to donate for my birthday and will ask my family to for Christmas}. I also encourage you to see the Academy Awarded Best Documentary The Cove. Again if you are worried that the content is too sad or graphic, the first 82 minutes is more about mercury poisoning in Japan and the history of flipper. The last 10 minutes are graphic but will stick with you and will make you want to spread the word to the world about dolphins.


  1. I haven't seen Blackfish yet, but I love The Cove! Such a great documentary!


    1. Spread the word, name twin! It is amazing and can't stop thinking about it!

  2. I was always obsessed with Orca's as a kid. I blame it on Willy. Def excited to see Blackfish.

    1. It is on again on Sunday in CNN! Tune in and tell your friends!


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