trends for cheap: knits and skirts

Y'all know, I love shopping. Like, a lot. Last week, I spent the better part of my days off to reorganize my closet to resemble a boutique. I figured by making it easier to see what I have, organizing it by color and storing items that I haven't worn in a while would make me appreciate what is in there more so. 

With fall and all the fabulous trends, I'm finding it hard not to immediately hop onto my favorite sites {I check this, this and this.. daily... sometimes twice.} For the trend of skirts and knits, I encourage you to pair your favorite winter sweater that you recently pulled out of the back of your closet and pair it with your favorite skirt that you have been wearing all summer. The mix will be perfect and 100% you. 

If you want a fresh take on this trend for this fall, check out this sweater for less than $100, this one for $50 and this fall friendly skirt for $18 {also love this quilted one for $18}. 


  1. I have been loving the knits + skirt combo lately and it is definitely on my outfit "to wear" list.

    - Kaitlyn

    Boardwalks & Boulevards

  2. Love this look. I'm planning on wearing oversized knits with skirts this fall- as soon as it cools down. Still 80s here in Charlotte!
    The Pumpkin Spot

  3. Gorgeous jumper in the first pic! I will be following the knit-skirt trend this autumn!


  4. I really need to spend some time reorganizing my closet... I never did it after we moved last summer so it is kind of a disaster zone! I am looking forward to some sweater weather! Love sweaters and skirts together.


  5. I've been so excited to wear sweaters and skirts together this season. Loving those two skirts from Forever21!

  6. fun tips! Love the suggestion of summer skirt + bulky sweater= transitional outfit

  7. Knits and skirts make a lovely combination. x

    Nerve Wires


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