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I have to give myself a high-five: my goal was to be better about sun protection this summer and I think that I have succeeded. {I even got through and entire long weekend at in the pool for a bachelorette and didn't get burned. That never happens.} 

Along with the rest of the blogger community, I love Gal Meet Glam and have been mildly obsessed with Julia'a pairing of delicate dresses with big rimmed hats. I think the look will be super cute and versatile for fall. 

Shop my picks below. 
{Hint: they range form $18 for the "maybe I'll wear it once" to $350 for those completely committed to this look. enjoy!}

photo courtesy of rags for riches


  1. Hats are so glamorous and mysterious!
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  2. Oh beautiful! I really need to try hats again...they are so lovely!

  3. I have been really obsessed with hats recently. I want to get a larger brimmed hat for fall kind of like the olive one... but black probably).


  4. I love how a hat can instantly change the mood of an outfit! I really need a wide rim fedora!

  5. I wish I would hats more. It's just so hard to find ones that work on me. I do love your picks.


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