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 I am beyond excited to introduce a dessert experience that will not disappoint: Bicyclette, a new catering patisserie located in San Francisco. The business is headlined by Katie Markstein and Christina Aguiar, a fab duo who meet in cooking school at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa, CA. 

Their website and business recently launched and they even did a pop up shop {Find out details on Facebook for upcoming events}. I was so excited to interview these chic, talented ladies and share a great dessert resource.  

Named after their favorite pastry tool, the bicyclette, a tool that Christina describes as "a cutting tool that basically makes everything you do look amazing" Katie and Christina have launched their business serving the greater San Francisco area. And with their weekends already booked with baby showers, weddings and handpicking their ingredients at Farmer's markets, it is a wonder that they have time to be so hands on with their business, a priority to both ladies. 

Both Christina and Katie are starting their second careers with Bicyclette, leaning on their previous experiences in business and working in some of the most famous restaurants around the San Francisco Bay area. Christina states, "The more research Katie and I did, the more apparent it became that fine dining standards and innovations weren't being applied in dessert catering, and we saw a huge opportunity."

Katie states that she her favorite thing to make is either their signature cakes, as this is the most labor intensive but rewarding item, or the snow bombes, a bite size coconut delight. "We had a very clear vision of what we wanted the snow bombes to tasted like, but it was super challenging to develop them into a pretty dessert that eats well." After many spills, taste and cooking tests, their most popular item is worth all those hours in the kitchen. 
Christina's favorite thing to prepare is the cakes as well because "they are undoubtedly an important part of some one's celebration, whether a wedding, a new baby or anniversary. It is a privilege to be a part of many people's milestones in a small way."

{this gender reveal cake is too adorable!}

When asked what sets them apart from other bakeries, they shared that they do not have a store front to keep open each day, so they are able to focus on upcoming events, handpicking ingredients themselves, a luxury that most caterers do not get. With unique and savory ideas and fresh ingredients, they bring individual taste and design to each item on their menu, taking influence from the season, the farmer's markets and the hosts tastes and desires.

Make sure to follow along on their FacebookTwitter and Instagram to stay updated. Warning: the Instagram photos are drool worthy.


  1. I think a trip is in order–everything looks delicious!

  2. What a great place to visit. If you love to eat San Francisco is the place to visit.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Bonjour'. I would love to read what you think.

    Hope you had a great weekend with the family celebrating Mother's Day.


  3. Wowwww beautiful post!!!

    Kiss from Spain!!


  4. The cakes are fab and everything looks delish! I will definitely have to check out Bicyclette next time I'm home!

  5. Everything you posted looks beyond delicious! If I ever get the chance to visit SF, I'll definitely stop by this bakery and try a snow bomb.

  6. Really great post. Makes me hungry.

    Rebecca and Lori @Desert Girls Vintage

  7. Those cakes looks amazing. I wish I could have had them do my wedding cake years ago! :)

    Classy with a Kick


  9. very nice post!


  10. Love the review- and what a cute name!


  11. Nice cakes! I recommend you some of the best San Francisco restaurants from where you can eat yummy food with an affordable price.


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