I can't get over the perfect combination of everything fabulous of these shorts. They are getting tons of coverage and are currently sold out, {Keep checking back with net-a-porter, they periodically have new sizes added!} but I like the idea of them for so many reasons: 1. shorts are here, spring is coming! 2. this trend and these {and these, these and these} shorts can be worn year around {summer with a blousey top and winter with tights}. 3. pops of color. enough said.

xoxo navy & orange

photo courtesy of tuula vintage


can I please...

have this dress?

It is the perfect combination of purple that I find so classic and my love of lace.

{now if the model could look a little happier wearing it...}

happy Monday!


skirt and boots

I like to keep an ongoing list of go-to outfits. These are outfits that are tried and true and are a good substitute if I am not feeling the original option or are in a hurry {both happen, a lot!} This outfit, I recently took for a spin in SF and it is now top of the list. I can't wait to change it up for summer.
For the look, shop similar items below!


brussel sprouts

I know that it is weird, but I love a good brussel sprout. I once asked my almost 95 year old grandmother what the secret was to aging so gracefully and she stated brussel sprouts {& exercise}.
For those of you who are intimidated by their bad reputation {the hubby and I discuss this every time we have them, which is at least once a week: why do they have a bad rap?! they are delicious!}:
  • Simply wash and cut off about a half of an inch of the bottom off {the tough stem part}.
  • Then cut in half. I prefer to "de-leaf" a bit, by pulling some of the outer layers of leaves off.
  • Spread the bunch across a cookie sheet and dress with salt and olive oil and place in the oven at 350 until light brown {about 15 minutes} and the de-leafed leaves are crispy.
The new crispies, as they are called in our house, are better than any potato chip you will ever find!

enjoy and extra credit for you! you just had some veggies!

xoxo navy & orange

photo courtesy of pinterest

rachel zoe pre-fall 2012

I can't get enough of these timeless pieces and with London and New York Fashion week, I've been getting back in the mood for fall.  Rachel Zoe loves herself a sequin and knows how to make a blazer work for any occasion but I love these looks for the combinations making this look book a great inspiration for shopping for pieces that will be in style for seasons to come. You might even have similar pieces in your closet, but this look book shows that you can mix it up to make the look very 2012.
you all know that I love a look book that incorporates navy and the perfect pop of color!

ps-while these looks won't hit stores for a while, I have included links for her collection that is currently in stores if you can't stand the anticipation. {I've been eyeing this dress for a while and is a favorite. with it finally on sale, I might have to find an excuse to need it! I've just found this one and this one too! with classic lines and colors, they will be great additions to my closet!}
skinny jeans found here
platform bootie found here

similar jacket found here

tie collar blouse found here
similar heel but with neutral found here

to get the look: metallic jacket found here
sequin wrap dress found here
sequin top found here

My fav look:
similar tuxedo jacket found here

photos courtesy of style.com



I love a great statement necklace {as seen here} and wore a similar one to this all weekend.
It is a super easy way to glam up your favorite t or add some glitz to an outfit!

Hope you are glamming it up to begin your week.

xoxo navy & orange

ALSO, I have been honored to recieved the Liebster award from two lovely bloggers. I can't wait to tell you more about it!

photo courtesy of gal meets glam


monday blues

I hope that many {most!} of you had today off. The extra day off was the perfect puntuaction for a weekend filled with hanging with friends and family and enjoying being in town.
How was your weekend?

{I hope this perfect baby blue Oscar de la Renta Fall 2012
dress cures any Monday blues that you may have had today!}

photos courteys of phenomenal fashion


navy & pink

similar pillow found here
similar pants found here

get a similar look with this shirt paired with these shoes.
similar clutch found here.
this shirt also comes in blue and pink {and is under $100!}

I am not one to gravitate towards pink {except in my beauty}. But I can't get enough of pairing it with navy both in decor and fashion.

How great is this DVF dress? combining the look into one!

photos courtesy of pinterest via here


currently obsessed

currently obsessed-intro

if you haven't noticed, on the upper right corner of the page, there is a new way to "follow" navy & orange!

you can now shop my on-going wish list: here 

or by clicking on the currently obsessed "stalk me" button. enjoy and tell me your favs!

Kate spade wallet

Also...I will continue to tweet my Fashion Week favs. what are yours???



while it feels like Valentine's day is everyday in our household {too mushy???},
I hope that you are still floating on Valentine's bubbles.

Happy Wednesday!

xoxo navy & orange

ps- have you tried Paulette macaroons? {now known as Lette}. They are my favorite and even made an appearance at our wedding & Valentine's day. Super good, and quick shipping, if you are not in the Beverly Hills area.
Try the sweet wedding almond. It comes in the perfect shade of blush!

Also...are you enjoying fashion week? I've been tweeting my favs. what are yours???


happy valentine's day

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you over indulge in chocolate,
champagne and appreciation for those you love!

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photos courtesy of really love this, this is glamorous, little pink rainboots, malicious glamour, and  sparkles and pretending


more hearts...

I hope this photo, & day, gets you smiling!
{who doesn't love a feminine detail?!}

xoxo navy & orange

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photo courtesy of gal meets glam

can I please...

have this Dior pre fall dress?
It is easy to see why I have fallen in love with this dress. I can't help but adore any dress with lace detailing or a sleeve, so this dress has my name all over it! {as my mom would say, "That is a Hunter dress."}Tibi is my go to for dresses, so imagine my delight when I found this one! {still not a budget pleaser, but much better than a Dior option!}

and do you love the look of black opaque tights as much as I do?

xoxo navy & orange

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photo courtesy of cool e chic style fashion


guest post: The Polkadot Pantry

While away, I scheduled a couple of guest bloggers and am so excited to introduce Kate from The Polkadot Pantry. Kate resides in Australia and I look forward to my daily visits to her blog for a taste of the happenings in the Land Down Under. The weather lately in SoCal makes me think that summer is here, yet one of my favorite things about summer is a weekend trip to the races. As it is currently summer in Australia, and Kate works in the industry, I am beyond excited to introduce her post about a day at the races, Australian style!

Hello lovelies! What a thrill to be asked by Hunter if I’d like to submit a guest post for the fabulous navy & orange. I actually squealed when I got her email! I’m over the moon to be able to share some pretties with you and give you a little insight into what floats my boat over at The Polkadot Pantry.

One of my favourite things in the world to do is to pack up the car and head to a country picnic race meet with a big group of friends – think lush vineyards, romantic early morning mist and tartan picnic rugs laden with fine food and wine. It is my pleasure to invite you to come along for the ride.

The early morning start calls for warm weather gear, so rug up!
Boots, gloves and a scarf are a must.
No heels or fascinators out here.
And for the obligatory touch of polkadots . . .
. . . pack a pair of wellies in the boot, just in case it rains.
And a hat, it is The Races, after all!
Take time to admire the gorgeous country estates on the drive to the racecourse . . .
And set up camp on the inside of the track.  Lay out the picnic rug, set up the deck chairs and crank the tunes.
Hungry yet? Thirsty, at least!
Fire up the BBQ for brekkie and pop open the first bottle of champagne. What’s a day at The Races without bubbles?!
Time for a walk.
Stop by the stables to check out the form. 

Then head back to camp for a soul-warming lunch of cheese, Maggie Beer  quince paste, smoked salmon, Pheasant Farm pate and picnic loaf.

But leave room for dessert!

With a belly full of goodness, find a spot on the rails and cheer on a winner.
And after all the excitement, stop by the pub for a drink on the way home.

You’ll sleep well tonight!

Thanks, Kate for your post! I hope everyone is in the mood for the upcoming festivities that warm weather always encourages!

xoxo navy & orange

all photos found on pinterest, follow The Polkadot Pantry on pinterest here!


guest post: Miss Southern Prep

I am excited to introdue Miss Southern Prep for another guest post while away. Her blog reminds me of my college days and is a great inspriation for all things preppy. Her consistent eye for things that inspire her inspire the rest of the blogging community and I am honored to have her here at navy & orange!

First off, I want to thank Navy & Orange for asking me to do a guest post on her blog! She is just the sweetest, and I LOVE her blog! I'm so jealous that she's on vacation this week while I'm stuck in the cold weather at home! Anyways, thanks, navy & orange!

I don't know if any of y'all have seen Hart of Dixie, the new show on the CW, but it's one of my new favorites this year! It takes place in Alabama, and one of the main characters, Lemon Breeland is the ultimate Southern Belle. Lemon is always wearing floral prints, pearls, big hats, and of course, a little bit of her signature lemon color.

Every time I watch the show, I fall in love with all of the lemon color she sports!  I never thought I could pull-off this color, because I'm super-pale and not tan, but I've found a few pieces that I think would perfectly add a little bit of lemon to my wardrobe!

similar jeans found here

How do you feel about wearing lemon? How would you incorporate it into your wardrobe?
Have a wonderful day!

Miss Southern Prep

photos courtesy of here, and here
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