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I wanted to introduce to you one of my daily reads, favorite bloggers, chic bartenders and exercise extraordinaire: Lauryn from Skinny Confidential. We are honored to have her on navy & orange with an inspiring post to keep you motivated to stay fit during this fun time of year.
I'm Lauryn and I blog over at The Skinny Confidential...since December is full of holiday cheer, here's some tips/tricks for keeping the season off your rear!
1.} Water. Ya, ya, ya. You hear this all the time. There’s a reason it’s number one on the list. Drink it until you feel like you’re about to give birth.
2.} Light alcohol. Since you’ll most likely be drinking more than usu around the holidays, try to avoid it if there’s no celebrations going on. When you do end up drinking, stick to vodka/water, champs, & Pinot grigio [ duhhhh ].
3.} Motivate yourself. If you’re laying around like a slob & complaining, peel yourself from the coach & squeeze in an hour workout. Be productive/disciplined.
4.} Eat clean. Examples? Organic cold cuts, cottage cheese, low-carb bread, berries, any type of vegetable, hummus, black beans, quinoa, fresh soups, arugula salads, kale juice, sexy wheatgrass shots, chickpeas, avocado-anything, turkey roll-ups, sliced cucumber with light cheese, scrambled eggs, tuna fish, blah, blah. Pretty simple, since there’s tons of options!
5.} Green tea. People do not understand how freaking beneficial green tea is. I shoot for two cups a day. It speeds the metabolism, cleanses the system, & contains tons of lovely antioxidants. Bottoms up, sex kittens.
6.} Vitamins. Ok. So lately I have been trying to get my vitamins from food. Calcium, D3, B12, etc. can all be found in the food you’re eating. Why take a pill when you eat something delicious? Speaking of vitamins… try a B12 shot. I love these; find out why here. I recommend one a month.
7.} Tan. Because it just makes everything look better. Some people look best with light skin, if you’re one of those peeps- lucky you. Most people look better with a lil’ bit of spray. You can find tanning tips here.
8.} Kick up your workouts. Whatever you’re used to doing throughout the year, kick it up a notch. You’ll feel better & you’ll look better. No excuses!
9.} Stop projecting negativity. To look fab, you have to feel fab. Beating yourself up isn’t the answer. Changing the solution to your problem is.
10.} MyFitnessPal app. Now for the best tip evs…Get the app called MyFitnessPal; if you’re freaking about not going cray, cray this holiday season this is a real problem solver. It seriously, really, without a doubt keeps yo ass in check.
So. Stop feeling bad for yourself & change your tune.
<3 Lauryn
THANKS HUNTER : )))) xoxo,

- Lauryn Evarts
Thanks Lauryn for contributing and don't forget to check out her fab blog!



  1. Great tips! I'm definitely guilty of not drinking enough water

  2. I needed this post. A. I never drink water which is so bad, I know and B. I am already stepping up my workout routine so I don't become a huge blob by NYE. haha! Great tips! xoxo

  3. Cute! I love this guest post - some seriously good advice for this time of year {which i very much needed!}


  4. This post is a good reminder! I've already found myself slacking on my workout routine due to the holiday hustle...definitely need to get back on track!

    xo Olivia
    go for the glam


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