New Year's

Some items that would be excellent for the weekend... Happy New Year's!


NYE travel

NYE travel
Hope you had a Merry Christmas and are enjoying some rest and relaxtion! We are off to celebrate the New Year with a beach vacation. I will attempt to post while away and keep up on instagram {@navyandorange} and twitter {@navyorangeblog}! Happy Lucky 2013!

Kindle {my favorite reading piece!} // bikini // my beachside lip color // J.Crew sparkle





Merry Christmas! Hope you are full of happiness, champagne and surrounded by friends and family! {and wearing fun party dresses, like this one.}
Tonight, I will be toasting Veuve Clicquot with family and friends.

Merry, Merry Christmas.

photos courtesy of  Sophiastancer Tumblr, Crush cul de Sac, Pinterest x 2 and The Cinderella project


Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope your day is amazing. I am working the next two days, squeezing in time for Christmas Eve Church and Chrismas dinner with friends and family.
Then off to the beach!
Merry Christmas, y'all!

photos courtesy of the cinderella project


lazy + tulle

laying around this lazy day with my pup and hubby. Wish I looked this chic.
Happy Saturday!


bows on everything

Love any excuse to add bows to everything! We even have one on the top of our tree.
Happy Thursday!

photo courtesy of neiman marcus tumblr


last minute shopping...

Not to rub it in, but my Christmas shopping has been done for weeks. If you can't tell, I love to shop and the hunt for the perfect gift for that special someone is super fun to me. While I know that is not the case for many of you, today is the last day for many of my favorite website to guarentee delivery by Christmas.
Happy Last Minute Shopping!
  • J.Crew will deliver by Christmas Eve if orders are place by 12/20 at noon EST
  • Piperlime and Gap will deliver by Christmas Eve with free shipping on all orders placed TODAY by noon EST. One day shipping orders must be placed by 12/21 by 3 pm EST
  • Shopbop will deliver with free shipping on all ordered places by 7pm CST TODAY and next day shipping will be delivered by Christmas Eve on all ordered placed by 7pm CST on 12/21
  • Net-a-Porter will deliver by Christmas on all orders placed by TODAY at noon for express shipping
  • Nordstrom will deliver by Christmas Eve on all orders place by 3pm EST on 12/21
  • Anthropologie will offer free shipping to arrive by Christmas Eve on all orderd placed TODAY by 1pm EST




I love this time of year: getting to dress cozy and sparkly {sometimes both}, holiday parties galore, time with friends and family and finding and adding the perfect sparkle to your everyday outfits. {I just ordered this for my New Year's on the Beach, but think I might need this one too!}

photos courtesy of crush cul de sac


guest post: The Skinny Confidential

I wanted to introduce to you one of my daily reads, favorite bloggers, chic bartenders and exercise extraordinaire: Lauryn from Skinny Confidential. We are honored to have her on navy & orange with an inspiring post to keep you motivated to stay fit during this fun time of year.
I'm Lauryn and I blog over at The Skinny Confidential...since December is full of holiday cheer, here's some tips/tricks for keeping the season off your rear!
1.} Water. Ya, ya, ya. You hear this all the time. There’s a reason it’s number one on the list. Drink it until you feel like you’re about to give birth.
2.} Light alcohol. Since you’ll most likely be drinking more than usu around the holidays, try to avoid it if there’s no celebrations going on. When you do end up drinking, stick to vodka/water, champs, & Pinot grigio [ duhhhh ].
3.} Motivate yourself. If you’re laying around like a slob & complaining, peel yourself from the coach & squeeze in an hour workout. Be productive/disciplined.
4.} Eat clean. Examples? Organic cold cuts, cottage cheese, low-carb bread, berries, any type of vegetable, hummus, black beans, quinoa, fresh soups, arugula salads, kale juice, sexy wheatgrass shots, chickpeas, avocado-anything, turkey roll-ups, sliced cucumber with light cheese, scrambled eggs, tuna fish, blah, blah. Pretty simple, since there’s tons of options!
5.} Green tea. People do not understand how freaking beneficial green tea is. I shoot for two cups a day. It speeds the metabolism, cleanses the system, & contains tons of lovely antioxidants. Bottoms up, sex kittens.
6.} Vitamins. Ok. So lately I have been trying to get my vitamins from food. Calcium, D3, B12, etc. can all be found in the food you’re eating. Why take a pill when you eat something delicious? Speaking of vitamins… try a B12 shot. I love these; find out why here. I recommend one a month.
7.} Tan. Because it just makes everything look better. Some people look best with light skin, if you’re one of those peeps- lucky you. Most people look better with a lil’ bit of spray. You can find tanning tips here.
8.} Kick up your workouts. Whatever you’re used to doing throughout the year, kick it up a notch. You’ll feel better & you’ll look better. No excuses!
9.} Stop projecting negativity. To look fab, you have to feel fab. Beating yourself up isn’t the answer. Changing the solution to your problem is.
10.} MyFitnessPal app. Now for the best tip evs…Get the app called MyFitnessPal; if you’re freaking about not going cray, cray this holiday season this is a real problem solver. It seriously, really, without a doubt keeps yo ass in check.
So. Stop feeling bad for yourself & change your tune.
<3 Lauryn
THANKS HUNTER : )))) xoxo,

- Lauryn Evarts
Thanks Lauryn for contributing and don't forget to check out her fab blog!



gifts for your favorite bride

gifts for your favorite bride
A Bride can be surprisingly hard to shop for, even after she has picked out the necessary items for her registry. I have a bestie getting married in the New Year and got inspired to put together my picks to get the perfect gifts for your favorite bride that won't be on her registry list and she will always remember are from you.




dinner by candlelight

can't think of anything more romantic for a wedding than dinner by candlelight.
Love this! Pin away, my friends, pin away.

photos courtesy of the Cinderella project



getting in the Christmas spirt, including lovely emeralds in my wardrobe
{how fun would this be for holiday parties? and i'm totally obsessed with this emerald lace}.

photo courtesy of dustjacket attic



getting in the Christmas spirit and wrapping gifts {and maybe myself...just a little}
{this is my current favorite paper, seen on instagram, but love the chic detail of this for next year.}


personalized gifts

personalized gifts
navy & orange's gift guide continues with personalized gifts for all the good girls and boys on your list. Who doesn't love a gift list with personalized state necklaces {pick your home state, current state or where your heart is, mine is still in Texas...}, Louis Vuitton and personalized cashmere? {this is my favorite cashmere sweater and I love the individuality of adding your initials; I have several with my new and old monogram.}
Happy Shopping!
Initial belt, buckle here, belt here // personalized iPhone case here and here // Personalized TOMs, they also come in your collegiate colors! // Monogram necklace // State pendant, every 50 available // Initial Coaster // Personalized Louis Vuitton




J.Crew + Bows

The Gift Guide continues with the perfect combination: J.Crew {at 25% off} and Bows. The selection below will promise to satisfy any lady on your list, including yourself! Just enter STYLE25 at checkout! {I already picked up both sweaters for myself...I've been good!}





There is always time for a dress twirl...hope your week is off to a twirl-inspiring start!

photos courtesy of google, everly true and honestly wtf

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