zucchini pancakes

I am kinda obsessed with zucchini's. When I lived in my bachelorette pad, the refrigerator was never complete with some either cooked and ready to eat or raw and ready to cook. I am also obsessed with pancakes and have a weekly tradition of going to brunch where I talk how I am going to order them, then proceed with a healthier option. Anyway...I love this recipe {similar one found here, I also added corn and shredded squash} as it is yummy and serves as a great way to impress your dinner guests by changing up the traditional side dish.

*Hint: I found that shredding the vegetables, then placing in a strained and using a spoon to press the veggies against the side helped get some the fluid out, providing for less watery pancakes

I also served it on top of my gazpacho recipe and garnished with fresh goat cheese for a vegetarian meal for myself.



  1. omg this looks so yummy! Must try this soon! x

  2. Yummm!! Thanks for sharing the recipe. xoxo

  3. Those look sooo yummy!!! Ohh, now I'm craving one ;)

  4. Oh yum, I love making potato pancakes... and I bet these are "healthier"... and that strainer trick is definitely a great technique!

  5. Great idea and they look delicious!


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