Liebster Award

Today I am very honored to mention the Liebster Award. This award is meant to be given to bloggers with less than 200 followers. Those nominated then in turn nominate 5 of their favorite blogs and so on. I was first honored by Karlita at The Purple Bow. Her blog is full of great decorating ideas and showcases her great eye. I find myself marking many of her post for decorating inspiration.
I was secondly nominated by Pure Panache. The idea behind Pure Panache is to live with style and flair and she does just that. I love seeing what she is inspired.
I was thirdly nominated by Alex from Adored by Alex. Her blog always makes me smile with it's orange background and giggle inspiring photos.
Thank you ladies for the nomination!

I would live to pass on the award to the following six lovely bloggers:

Hi everyone, My first award, YAY! Here goes the Oscar... ohhhhhh... I mean Libster speech:
First of I want to thank Hunter for giving me this award! I am so thankful, especially coming from such a great blog! Awesome!

 I started my blog right before Christmas (2011) as a creative outlet, and to collect all my inspiration and DIY ideas in one place. I love DIY fashion! The idea of re-creating something in your closed or my dad's garage into something fashionable and "ohhh where did you get that" worthy is so amazing to me! That's what  make it & fake it is all about, a place for everything fab, whether it is food, DIY, crafts, home or fashion! and am so thrilled that other people enjoys it as well (who knew people besides me are equally enthralled with bright color, glitter and super glue??!) Thank you so much again, and  feel free to drop by to say hi pretty people! :) love K

I was incredibly touched when Hunter from navy & orange told me she wanted to nominate me for the Liebster award. I value her blogger friendship, inspiring and colorful posts, and mutual love of nail polish :). it is definitely quite an honor for me!

I began my blog, passports and pearls {the adventures of a jewelry designer}, as a way to share the inspiration behind my jewelry designs, my travels and adventures living in nyc, and my undying love for nail polish, color, and things that sparkle. I also decided to start blogging because I saw the connections other bloggers made (though guest posts, etc) and I loved the idea of being part of a larger creative community. I love the freedom of creative expression blogs allow and I start every day at my computer, espresso in hand, checking in on what other people are coveting, how they are styling themselves, and what topics are on their minds. <3 the blogging community!

I am so excited to be mentioned on Navy & Orange today! As it's one of my favourite daily reads, I'm delighted to be considered for this award! I began my blog last summer and I have been amazed at the support I have received so far. It's great to interact with other bloggers who share the same thoughts and passions! I've always loved fashion and after years of ripping pages from magazines, I thought it would be fun to create a my own creative space online! My blog is a mixture of fashion, style and my favourite finds. I enjoy blogging as I find daily inspiration in so many places and I hope through Style Notes that I can provide my readers with the same experience.

I am so excited and humbled by the mention and (Liebster) award by the lovely Hunter from {Navy and Orange}. She has a keen sense of style and beautiful picks, in addition to inspirational home decoration posts. I started {Strings and Buttons} less than three months ago after my hubby and I left the US and headed for a small town in the Mediterranean. I left behind many things and many people I loved and I wanted to keep a part of me with them. And so the idea of Strings and Buttons was born. At first I showcased everything fashion that I loved, but then slowly I started delving into home style, designs and soon I'm going to be adding some travel pieces. Since I've started, I've been enveloped with so much unexpected support and blesses with friendships from all across the world. I seriously can't believe how many people out there relate to me, sympathize with me and support me. My blog has also helped me learn so many new skills, including using a diverse range of social media tools and learning Photoshop from scratch! I hope I can somehow inspire others or at least leave a smile on their face one post at a time!

My blog focuses on different tidbits of my life, such as being with family and friends, as well as anything and everything that may inspire me, from fashion to traveling to nail polish colors or food! I try to blog about anything that I’m currently loving, thinking about or experiencing,and hope my followers feel the same way!

The Polkadot Pantry started as most blogs do . . . as an outlet for a frustrated creative working in a straight laced law firm. I've always loved entertaining and working with a theme - nothing makes me happier than people enjoying my food and hospitality. Friends and family were always asking for my recipes and photos of little parties I'd helped plan but emailing them around in bulk just didn't seem to do them justice or bring them to life.

Enter the darling Kimberlee of Brown Button who introduced me to the blogosphere. She showed me how to set one up and before I knew it, I was loading recipes and sharing my passion for food, fun and frivolity with the world!

Today, my blog is a personal exploration of all things pretty. I post about sights, sounds and smells that make me happy - anything to inspire a smile and help me connect with my readers. It helps me get through a sometimes 'dry' day in the office and adds some colour to my life.

The best thing about having a blog is the key it gives you to a gorgeous sisterhood of girls worldwide. I've been to visit Anna Spiro in Brisbane, shared a love of equestrian style and polkadots with Hunter (from none other than navy & orange!) and formed countless friendships with other bloggers over email (Tina Kent is a great penpal ). It's great when you're looking for a good coffee (or great cocktail) in a foreign city - my blog friends have such great taste!

Above all, I love the excuse it gives me to 'research' other blogs and online mags - never has surfing the net felt so justified!

Thanks to all the lovely ladies for contributing for this post and Congratulations on your awards! Can't wait to see who you nominate next!

xoxo navy & orange


  1. congrats on the award. :)

    have a great day!

  2. Hunter, you are too cute! Thanks so much for the shout out xx

  3. What a well put together post, all of these blogs look lovely.

  4. Congrats on the award- def well deserved!!



  5. Congrats on the award and love seeing other blogs - will be checking them out!

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  6. Well done, and congrats on the three (!!) nominations! :) Well deserved! Enjoy your week!

  7. This is such a fab post! Congrats on the nominations!

  8. Thanks so much Hunter :)

    Have a great week,

    Laura xo

  9. Congratulations.. that's so amazing. i really like your blog

  10. Congratulations! I subscribe to Style Notes. Laura is amazing. What a cute way to showcase your award.

  11. Congratulations on your award!! It is well deserved!

  12. Congrats!!!! xoxo

  13. Congrats on your first award!!


  14. That's wonderful! I'm coming over from Style Notes to check out your blog! I'll def be coming back! xxoo A-

  15. I love your versatile blog. I just started blogging in February, and I love it too. The blogging community is so supportive. Come check out my blog sometime :)
    new follower :)


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