hot chocolate

The fall is my favorite time of year in our neck of the woods. As the chill sets in, hot chocolate is a must. With our trip to NYC right around the corner, I hope that fall has hit the east coast and that we will have many hot chocolate opportunities.

Happy Wednesday!

If you find yourself in Paris, the best hot chocolate was found at Cafe Charlot! Truly my favorite ever.

xoxo navy & orange

photos courtesy of color me happy and fashion toast


  1. Agree! I love off hot chocolate and hot apple cidar in the winter and fall!

  2. Love one at night when all cozy and watching a great movie!!

  3. i had hot chocolate on friday at work! and it was soooo yummmy!!!

    allister bee blog

  4. Mmm, looks yummy. I definitely plan on curling up with a cup of cocoa this weekend.


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