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I love the look of stacked books. They represent individual style and can be put in unpredictable groups depending on book end color. In the guest room I have stacked the wedding magazine that my wedding dress was featured in, a New House Book that my parents gave me, a nursing text book, Wuthering Heights, a Marie Antoinette Biography and Catcher in the Rye. I love the blue and green book ends with our accent wall in the guest room. What are you favorite books?

Here is some more of the same easy decorating in our home.

top shelf: a picture of my parents' wedding day, second shelf: a fashion coffee table book, Vogue, a fake book that is actually a box, Water for Elephants, Ishmael, another copy of Wuthering Heights and a Hermes box, third shelf: wedding coffee table books that a friends passed onto me when I got engaged. I can't wait to pass these on to my next girlfriend who gets engaged! bottom shelf: more coffee table books, some Fall 2011 magazines (September issues are always the best!)and another pop of orange via a Hermes box.  

a stack for the hubby

photo blogger's own


  1. Nicely done! Isn't it fun how much you can play with books? I Love having such a large amount of them!

  2. Love it! I'm all about stacking. :)

  3. cute!!!!! i love this!!! i love decorating with books!!!

    allister bee blog

  4. i think books are great -- both for reading and for decorating! :D

    <3, Mimi

  5. I love stacking books too - I usually have a couple of pretty decor books stacked on my bedside table and often flick through them at night when I want to relax! Love your bookshelf with the touches of orange too.

  6. I love stacked books too!


  7. The stacked books are a great detail! Love all the ways you've used them! :)


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