eggplant parmesan

as you know, I am trying this whole cooking thing. So far so good, as evidence by 1. it is now fun, 2. it is edible, 3. I haven't burned the house down and 4. the hubby says I am good at it. I stumbled upon this book during the registry process and there are endless yummy options in Eva's cook book.

cook book photo courtesy of here
book available for purchase here

As a vegetarian, I love eggplant, so I was beyond tempted to dry to cook the eggplant Parmesan. To be extra ambitious, I wanted to make tomato Alfredo sauce from scratch. My mom got me and hubby a Vitamix for Christmas making the sauce super easy to make.

if you don't have a vitamix, mix
5 tomatoes, halved
1 cup nonfat milk
1 cup low fat cottage cheese
2 tablespoons butter
3 tablespoons flour
salt and pepper to taste
then place on the stove on low heat, stirring constantly until thick.

what cook books are your favorites?

ps- I forgot to register for cooking pans, so I bought one at the market and used a cake pan for the second batch. housewives have to get creative sometimes!

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  1. Looks amazing! I will have to check out Eva's book!

  2. oh my gosh!!!! these look amazing!!! i need you to come cook for me.... i am TERRIBLE at it!!

    allister bee blog

  3. I too, am a Veggie, and it's always hard looking for recipes that don't require meat! Buttt this sounds pretty good!
    I'll have to check her book out soon ♥

  4. I really need to stock up on cookbooks. I have several on my e-reader and haven't gotten around to reading them yet. I'll have to add Eva's to the list.

  5. Love eggplant parm! This looks like they are mighty good! Need to try this one!

  6. Sounds delicious! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

  7. Delicious!
    Thanks for the recipe!


  8. i looooove eggplant parm, although i've never tried to make it. perhaps now is the time. (also, trader joe's sells eggplant parm in their refrigerated cases and it's awesome. just in case you don't feel cooking!)


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