coral party shoes

{similar Coral Party shoes found here with a bow, and suede scalloped option here}

how great are these coral Louboutins? I thought about doing orange shoes for my wedding, and even thought about these in coral, yet ending up walking down the aisle in some neutral strappies. What color are your favorite statement shoes? 

{if you're looking for a wedding shoe, how great are these?}

{and if you need flats, for your wedding or closet, I am obsessed with these!}


  1. Those are gorgeous! And would definitely add a splash of color! Love them

  2. ahhhhhh!!!!! i love this color. it's one of my favorites. i cannot wear bright red because i have red hair and i feel that it clashes!! so coral and a red-orange color typically work best for me!!

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  3. yes!! love coral i have been gravitating towards coral lately coral everything!

  4. o my those shoes are to die for!!!

    just stumbled across your blog. its gorgeous!

    im your newest follower! follow me as well?

  5. How gorgeous! The color and style is just perfect! Enjoy the fabulous day, Kellie xx

  6. These are beautiful. I am obsessed with coral, I plan to wear it into the fall with a bit of army green.

  7. gorgeous shoes!


  8. gorgeous shoes! so beautiful color and style .love it
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