In college, I used to wear shorts with heels and get made fun of all the time. I am very excited that in recent years, shorts have been in fashion to wear all times of day, and with tights, all times of the year. How great are these fancy white ones?

and these great orange ones that I have been eyeing from shopbop

I have been coveting these yellow shorts since seeing them in the J. Crew look book earlier this year. Heels are needed with these for sure!

I have been trying to find a reason to add these to my closet, and now on sale I don't know what's holding me back. With black heels, I would have an instant outfit....


  1. So I have never tried shorts ever because one, I live in a Muslim society and two, I am overly conscious about my weight and the fat. I love the scalloped shorts though and the yellow silk one as well, grab them ASAP!

  2. though shorts look good and stylish. But it is not so good for your skin as it fades the color of your skin also damages it.


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