My amazing grad school friend Jessica (and new mom!) convinced me to add this amazing panini maker to my registry list at the start of the entire wedding planning process. As a self proclaimed (at the time) non-cook, she promised that I could place anything between two pieces of bread, add cheese and make an amazing sandwich that would impress the hubby.

To say that we have liked this item is an understatement. I am now openly proclaim that I make a mean panini and had to up my mileage on the treadmill thanks to my love of tuna melts and grilled cheese. One of the uncles got us the waffles inserts for the grill and now waffles have become a Saturday staple. My husband and I were both impressed that on our first chill Saturday at home, I wiped up waffles from scratch. And I was able to make them this weekend for my recovering brother and included strawberries to make me feel less guilty!

(this photo is not of my actual waffles. they didn't last long enough)

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