These photos made me think of my amazing time in Italy. It was four years ago and the best summer of my life, only second after this current one. (marrying the man of your dreams trumps Italy. might be the only thing that trumps Italy...)

this photo made me think of my last week on the beach in Positano. I hope yall are having a great Friday!

courtesy of patterson maker



In college, I used to wear shorts with heels and get made fun of all the time. I am very excited that in recent years, shorts have been in fashion to wear all times of day, and with tights, all times of the year. How great are these fancy white ones?

and these great orange ones that I have been eyeing from shopbop

I have been coveting these yellow shorts since seeing them in the J. Crew look book earlier this year. Heels are needed with these for sure!

I have been trying to find a reason to add these to my closet, and now on sale I don't know what's holding me back. With black heels, I would have an instant outfit....


turkey panini and freshly baked cookies for the husband when he came home for lunch.

photos blogger's own


My mom and I have been in envy of this watch every since we first spotted it in an international Hermes years ago. The orange doubled wrapped strap is feminine and chic in the way that the iconic Hermes orange always is. Hope your day is off to an amazing start!

photo courtesy of prepfection



After the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wowed the world and North America with their poise, grace, manners, desire to bring attention to those less fortunate and of course, outfits, I hope Kate and William are enjoying settling into their life under the radar. I hope Kate is enjoying making house and being a housewife as much as me!

courtesy of pretty stuff


My amazing grad school friend Jessica (and new mom!) convinced me to add this amazing panini maker to my registry list at the start of the entire wedding planning process. As a self proclaimed (at the time) non-cook, she promised that I could place anything between two pieces of bread, add cheese and make an amazing sandwich that would impress the hubby.

To say that we have liked this item is an understatement. I am now openly proclaim that I make a mean panini and had to up my mileage on the treadmill thanks to my love of tuna melts and grilled cheese. One of the uncles got us the waffles inserts for the grill and now waffles have become a Saturday staple. My husband and I were both impressed that on our first chill Saturday at home, I wiped up waffles from scratch. And I was able to make them this weekend for my recovering brother and included strawberries to make me feel less guilty!

(this photo is not of my actual waffles. they didn't last long enough)


can I please...

have this bag? thanks.

courtesy of prepfection


my sunflowers that I added to the living room just died (sad face). SO I am off to the flower shop to see what other options I have to add pops of color to our house. Any suggestions?


outfit envy

can I please have this dress? thanks.

courtesy of patterson maker

my favorite milkshake

I have a huge sugar tooth. I am surprised that I don't have to go to the dentist more. As a vegetarian, I am always trying to find ways to add more protein in my diet. I discovered this trick recently to satisfy by sweet tooth and get my necessary protein.

add ice to a blender

add a banana and a chocolate slimfast

add a tablespoon of chunky peanut butter

and voila!

with the slimfast and the peanut butter, you are getting 13.5 grams of protein and only approximately 375 calories! yummy

straws not included

(available for purchase here. there are orange ones too!)

photos found here: ice, bananas, peanut butter, milkshake


Orange is my favorite color. It was a large part of our wedding and it would take over my entire closet if my mom did not convince me that it is not my best color and if my closet wasn't already taken over by navy. My hubby and I recently spent an entire Saturday putting together the living room. It does not quite look like the above photo, but there an ample amount of orange. This photo is my new inspiration for our next attempt of incorporating more orange into decorating. Happy Monday!



This photo reminded me of my weekend by the pool taking care of my brother. Hope you had a great one too!

photo courtesy of daisy-avenue


Hydrangeas are some of my favorite flowers. They aren't quite navy, but they do come in all shades of blue. These photo reminds me of an amazing house that my PIC (partner in crime, best friend and maid of honor) found while walking around in a dreamy neighborhood in Dallas. I hope these hydrangeas brighten your day!

photos courtesy of crush cul de sac and here


new housewife

My husband and I got married in June and I have developed an entire new list of things that are my new favorite things. One of my new favorite things, since wedding planning and graduate school are over, is to check out fashion and fun blogs on the internet. I wanted to start this blog to share with other blog fans fun things I am learning, and my favorite things!

Currently, I am loving being a housewife, and my husband doesn't mind either! I am loving doing laundry, moving into our new house and cooking. Since we waited to move in together until returning from the honeymoon, I am learning how much fun having a boy roommate is! If I only I looked as chic as SJP when the hubby came home...

image courtesy of vogue
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