ruffle bodysuit and my insecurities


I'm antisocial and socially awkward. 

When I tell people this, they laugh. But the problem is, I freak myself out with simple playdates, try to cancel almost all social calendar plans and get wildly insecure before all social interactions. After said social events, it is almost worse. I replay every interaction and everything I said in my head,  and get wildly insecure about my sarcasm, my jokes that didn't make sense and me being "weird." 

I know that "anxiety" is a bit of a buzz word right now, and I totally agree that everyone experiences anxiety about one thing or another. But I wanted to share that just because you see filtered squares of cute outfits, the back of my kids heads or a new online purchase, that doesn't mean that I don't beat myself up. That I don't feel weird. That I am not insecure.  {just ask ASHA, my blog photographer. While taking photos, I'm awkward, shaking, sweating and I have worked with her for years! And I always always try to cancel on her because I have such an insecurity about being a "blogger" and you guys actually giving a shit about what I am wearing or how I would style it. Normally, by outfit #3, I am calm, having fun and striking awkward blogger poses while strutting in the middle of the street.}

I have a Big birthday coming up and I have found myself more at peace with ... myself. I get insecure and beat myself up for everything that I ate for the previous 36 hours before I go to the pool, for not working out harder because my stomach isn't flat. But then I tell myself I can pose all I want, not walk around in my bathing suit at the pool or not go at all, but this is real life. I don't have Britney Spears abs circa 2001, I enjoy wine, champagne, fries and cookies and my body gave me two of the cutest babies you've ever seen {but that you've probably only seen the back of their heads}. 

We have experienced some of life's difficulties, as we all do: death, birth, loss, cancer, etc. And I always try to refocus when I do find myself beating myself up. I. Have. It. All. and you do too! look at your life with rose colored glasses, at the glass half full and all the things that make you you. Be appreciative for what you have, instead of what you don't. Be proud of yourself when you meet a goal, whether it be not being late or not being late to a 6:05am OrangeTheory. Don't let your self doubt or your anxiety crumble your chances of you loving and enjoying your life. 


I hope this post makes you proud to be you, a little less anxious and/or insecure and 1,000% confident in your skin. I hope for the rest of the year, but even if just for the next 5 minutes, I have meet my personal goal to inspire, to build my readers up and to be honest. And to be me. 

photos by Asha Bailey


workout wednesday: my weekly schedule

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Week 22 Abs

7 miles
Yep! 7 miles! I was/am incredibly impressed with myself. I had made myself a new playlist, I was up before the sun and I had the courage of the empty road and running path to check out a trail that has caught my eye for nearly a year.

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Full Body Week 23

3.5 mile run outside

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Legs Week 23
Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Arms Week 23

2 mile outdoor walk with the 2 dogs and double stroller

6:05am OrangeTheory class

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Abs Week 23


meghan markle's dainty rings

I can't remember where I read it, but I think it was an interview pre dating Harry that all of Meghan's jewelry that she wore while shooting Suits was her own, to give her character a little personal touch. Meghan loves a dainty ring situation and I love that she keeps true to her style instincts. I found some of the exact rings that she has spotted wearing and some look alikes. 




Instagram lately

orange vans

There are only so many emails to you can get back to in the car on the way to a mini vacation, so I decided to take the obligatory blogger car selfie. Plus, these orange shoes are kinda everything. I love them and they are so comfy. 

blue french connection dress

What better excuse than a date night on vacation with your husband to wear a new favorite dress. And, yes that is a wet, pool hair, top knot. 

coordinating brother and sister clothing

The week before the 4th of July, our club has a "Summer Kickoff Party." While it is not 4th of July themed, everyone runs with it. It is actually perfect, because with the BBQ, the fireworks and the red, white and blue, it truly feels like summer and takes off all the pressure for the actual 4th, as we already feel like we celebrated. I used the excuse to not only coordinate with the kids, but make them match. Too. Cute.

Original post HERE

You will be surprised to learn that this top isn't meant to be worn out of the house!


rainbow off the shoulder and my views on technology, friendship and bullies

smocked off the shoulder top

smocked off the shoulder top

smocked off the shoulder top outfit

smocked off the shoulder top outfit

smocked off the shoulder top outfit

Life is too short. 

I am incredibly selfish of my time. I'm antisocial and socially awkward so I much rather be alone then with people that don't make me feel awesome. I have a bunch of best friends, some that I have know since I was little, some I have meet in the last year, but all make me feel great. 

Recently, I was surprised to be exposed to "mean girl" behavior via text. Literally, shocked. I laughed at myself, after praying for strength, because life is too short to not  be purposefully surrounding yourself by people that build you up, support you and are always in your corner. Not ones that feel the need to point out your flaws, call you conceited because you might have a difference in opinion or make you upset. Maybe she had a bad day. Maybe she got in a fight with her husband. Maybe she is on her period. Either way, I forgive this mean girl, because it isn't a big deal and life is too short. I hope she feels better. I hope she feels great and I hope she got over whatever was really bothering her.

When someone is being mean, don't forget that what they are saying says more about them than what it says about you. 

Technology has gotten in the way of a lot of things, and sometimes, I blame it for everything that is wrong with society. But these little devices that we call phones, give too much power to negativity. They make it too easy to text an insult, leave a mean comment and spread negativity. It is too easy to spread negative energy, with a much larger foot print than ever before. Use this post, and my recent exposure to "mean girl" behavior, to spread love. Text your college roommate or a sorority sister you haven't talked to in a while, with a simple, "thinking about you!" Comment back, and like that last, like 10 pictures of that follower of yours that is always engaged in your content.  Call your sibling to tell them you love them and nothing else. Or, Tell a stranger that you see out that you think that they look nice, or compliment their clothes, especially one that has their nose buried in their phone.  {I love to do this when I see people out and about that might look a little sad or down.} Use that little device, your phone, to spread love, kindness and make people feel good. 

The term "friend" and "spending time with" has changed with social media. You can be a part of some one's life, know what they had for lunch or where they are at this exact moment without being in real contact with them. Without sending a text that was meant just for them. Without hearing their voice when they are talking to just you or when they are physically in front of you.So I have realized that, yes, friendships are difficult and ever changing; life gets in the way,  we are all busy, there can be setbacks and arguments but to have a friend, you have to be a friend.  Why waste time "around" someone that isn't a friend? Puts you down? Make you feel bad for being you? Life is too short.

So, I will be over here, being antisocial and socially awkward, keeping my friends close, my best friends closer and bullies far, far away. 

photos by Asha Bailey


instagram lately

embroidered striped crop top

I did an Instagram Story in my driveway and I was getting a bunch of questions about this STRIPED EMBROIDERED CROP TOP, so I decided to share links to all the outfits on my stories with the 'Swipe Up.' If you missed it, the links are below. 

As I am a mom of two, crop tops are not for me, but paired with my WHITE HIGH WAISTED JEANS, this "crop top" hits at the perfect length, with no mid drift in sight. 

bow slides

I feel in love with these sandals at full price, and while the high heel was the cutest, I knew that the flat option would get 5,000 times more wear in my mom life. So when they went on sale, I justified getting both colors. There aren't a ton of sizes left, but I totally recommend calling a couple of your local stores to see if they have your size in store. Size up. I am a size 7 98% of the time and I got the 38. 

gingham bikini

Scenes from our adult vacation at one of our favorite resorts. We took advantage and had cocktails by the kid-free pool. 

So so glad that y'all are loving these SUNGLASSES. These are clicked on and purchased a bunch of times a week, and were my most clicked on item by far, before the start of the Nordstrom sale. And I love getting DM messages and selfie pictures of you wearing them. Keep it up! {they are $14. Yep. that is not a mistype.}

red wrap dress

Proof that converse and this MEGHAN MARKLE BAG go with everything! So so different, but also paired perfectly together!


workout wednesday: my weekly schedule and rose gold sneakers

OrangeTheory class

3.8 mile run with the dogs

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Week 22 Legs with resistance bands
Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Week 22 Arms
you will notice from last week, that I am repeating week 22. I feel that I got off track last week, both with my diet and this app, so I decided to attack Monday with an extra early wake up call and a double workout. 

4.3 mile run with the two dogs before everyone else got up


Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Week 22 600 rep challenge
think 600 reps of things like, curl and press {my favorite!}, Arnold press, mountain climbers, lat pull down, etc...

3 mile run on the treadmill using THIS INTERVAL WORKOUT
My husband was out of town for business, so I didn't have help in the morning to get my workout in. So...I get my alarm early anyway and snuck down the hall to our mini gym and crushed 3 miles before those cuties woke up!

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Week 22 Abs


what I kept from the Nordstrom Sale

best of nordstrom sale

My Nordstrom Sale Finds are kind of boring when you see them all together, but I 100% took advantage of great basics on sale. 

1. HIGH WAISTED RIPPED JEAN - these are truly the find of the sale. Cute, comfy, extremely flattering and $42. I find that they run true to size, I love the color and where they hit on my ankle is perfect. I feel that they would still be perfect if you were taller or shorter than me. I'm somewhere between 5'4'' and 5'5''

2. ARCONA TRIAD PADS - this double pack has sold out, but you can still give them a try {for full price}. I love using a toner after I wash my face and these are perfect to use when you travel as there is no fear of your face routine spill all over your suitcase outfits. Plus, they double as a makeup remover. 

3. HIGH WAISTED WORKOUT CAPRI - I got these last year in pink and love the extreme high waist cut as I am a bit long waisted. At $35, they are a no brainer, especially when paired with these gray sneakers. 

4. SNEAKERS - These are so cute with jeans and so comfy for workouts. I've worn the melon ones all week for cross training. They have sold out in many sizes, but I found them for full price here, which is still under $90.

5. JO MALONE PERFUME - this wasn't included in the sale {but these Jo Malone pieces are}, but as I shared in this Meghan Markle post, this is one of the Duchess' scents, so I figured I might as well add it to my cart, since I would already be placing an order {or eight!} anyway. 

6. CASHMERE SCARF - I love to check out all the cashmere included in this sale. Last year, I was very excited to find a basic cashmere sweater included in the sale and promptly purchased it in every color. When it arrived, it felt much more like wool than 100% cashmere. This scarf lives up to its 100% cashmere composition tag. I have included me trying it on in my Instagram Stories, that I have saved to my Instagram Profile {under NSale 2}, so you can get a feel of how light yet large it is and the multiple ways you can wear it. It is under $100 and I got it in this gorgeous camel color and in gray. 

7. DOUBLE BREASTED BLAZER - As you saw on my Instagram Story try ons, I was going back and forth on size and color. I am very happy with my black choice as I know that it will be a classic in my closet forever. As I mentioned in this post, I was planning on tailoring it to make it a custom fit, but the fit was already perfect that it doesn't need any tailoring. I got a size 4. 

8. BLUSH SKINNY JEANS - this was an impulse purchase {raise your hand if you also can't resist denim under $50???}. Yet the fit was perfect and I loved when I tried them on with my classic blush flats. I thought that they would be great paired with a basic tee and either color of the CASHMERE SCARF I ended up keeping.

9. SUPERGOOP 45 SPF SETTING POWDER - this was an impulse purchase as the perfectly placed, perfectly styled and perfect tempting tables in the line checkout at Anthropologie. The lady told me it was perfect to dust on the hair part of blondes, and I have been doing so for Madrid for our daily pool visits. I remember, without the fond memories, of having burnt and oh so cute, scalp peeling. I keep one of these in car and apply throughout the day in my minivan. I focus on my checks where I have the most sun damages and the backs of my hands.

These on sale have sold out, but the three pack of sunscreen is still available {and you know I purchased that too!}

10. EDGE LUXE CLIMA SNEAKERS - love love love these! I found multiple colors and sizes HERE.

open cardigan blogger outfit
^^ OPEN FRONT CARDIGAN I'm wearing a small. I could use an XS but it has sold out in this color and I'm obsessed. /// TANK // HIGH WAISTED RIPPED JEANS THE find of the sale! I promise you will love them too! And can we say $42!?!? // CHANEL FLATS

blazer outfit flat lay

^^ BLAZER I got a size 4 and love this double breasted style. Almost also kept the pink...and now wish I had gotten the gray when they still had my size // NAVY TOP super classic and y'all know that I can't resist a navy stripe. Love the mix with that puffy sleeve $26 // CASHMERE SCARF under $100 // HIGH WAISTED JEANS again with these jeans! love love love! It has been too hot to wear them but I know that I will totally get all the use out of the $42 I spent on them. 


July Top 5

I wanted to start sharing the favorite items from the month before as a way to share {both for you and me} of what y'all loved the most. This includes me going over analytics of sales, clicks, orders and conversion rates. I love this part of the blogging "job" and have been doing it behind the scenes to track what you love, hate and want more of anyway, so I thought I might as well share!



It is no surprise that these were the most clicked on and purchased item last month {I knew that this would happen with these jeans and these $14 SUNGLASSES, item #5.} I think that I shared on a daily basis on my Insta-Stories that these were the find of the Nordstrom sale, that all us bloggers were shitting our pants about. I don't think that there are anything wrong with them: the price, the color, the fabric, the high rise and the length are all perfect. I have not worn them all day, so I am unsure if they hold their shape, but once the San Diego weather allows, I will report back! 

I have included these in my Nordstrom Sale roundup too. I pretty much live in athleisure wear {which really isn't leisure wear since I like to kick my own butt with my workouts}, so these shoes are cute and functional. I haven't run in them, just because I do so many miles with the dogs that I got a special running shoe {read: not cute} to help my knees, back and form. I got these in the melon and the gray. They run true to size. I got a 7.

mesh insert legging

These were something that I shared when the Nordstrom sale first started. I have them in my try ons that I have saved to my profile on my Instagram. Here they are in another delicious color, not on sale. 


this was also my 5th most popular Instagram in June and 6th for follower engagement!

If it weren't for the Nordstrom sale, these would be the most clicked on item, by far! At $14, they are the ultimate find. I have them in red, white and 2 pairs in navy. I just ordered a back up since they are that good, and you know, $14. 

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