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meghan markle makeup

See the original post HERE where I talk all about some of Meghan Markle's favorite makeup

levis and vans outfit

I used to have these orange shoes from like 5th grade until 9th grade that were twins to these shoes. I was obsessed and so sad when I outgrew them. As you know, I have a shopping problem, so I find it surprising that I even remember these shoes, much less save a special spot in my fashion memory for them. So I was excited as a prepubescent Spice Girls fan when I found these ORANGE VANS that are twins to my beloved Rocket Dog sneakers from the 90s. And that they are under $70 is a triple score. 

white lace one shoulder top

If you love this top for summer as much as I do, I recommend you get it now! It has sold out three times since I have tried to share with y'all.

Original post HERE

in love with these shorts for summer. and you know that I like to wear my mom appropriate converse with everything from dresses to shorts. 


workout wednesday: my weekly schedule

I love these so much, I want to wear them with high waisted jeans!

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Abs Week 18
Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Legs Week 18

5 mile trail run
You saw me on my Instagram Stories making myself tackles those hills. But I love that I found this amazing uphill trail run near my home that goes on and on. I turned around at 2.5 miles to create a 5 mile loop, but the trail was not done! Cheers to next time when I can add some distance. 

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Challenge Week 18
 I made the hubby do this will be in the backyard while the cuties were having breakfast. But this would be easily to recreate with any of your favorite reps. 

100-high knees
100-jumping rope

80-high knees
80-jumping rope
8-squats {I did 16}

60-high knees
60-jumping rope
6-squats {I did 12}

40-high knees
40-jumping rope
4-squats {I did 12}
4-burpees {the hubby made me do 20}

20-high knees
20-jumping rope {I did 120}
2-squats {I did 12}
2-burpees {I did 10}

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Arms Week 19
Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Abs Week 19
4.65 mile run
Now, writing this down, I realize this is crazy! 
I woke up early to do the workouts at the gym and then did the run around my hometown golf course while the kiddos were at Vacation Bible School. 

3 mile walk around the golf course with Jackson and a sleepy Leo in the stroller while Madrid was at camp. 

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Legs Week 19

OrangeTheory 6:05 am class

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Full Body Week 19
45 minutes stationary bike


pjs out of the house

tiered cami top outfit

anthropologie pj top

straw fedora outfit

skinny jeans and converse outfit

straw fedora outfit

I love anything soft or comfy. Before kids, I would always always choose cuteness over comfort. But when I became a mom, I realized that I got much more snuggles if I was wearing soft clothes and this immediately became the #1 priority: more snuggles number one, me being comfortable number 2 and cuteness a distance third.

When I first spotted this tiered cami top, I had to ask the saleslady, twice, if it was really a pajama top. I immediately pictured this outfit in my head: paired with my high rise skinny jeans and mom appropriate converse sneakers. With this outfit, I get to look cute and increase my chance of lots of snuggles. And that I am ready for bed or a nap. {matching pjs pants here.}

photos by Asha Bailey Photography


instagram lately

pink blazer outfit

We are Deacons at our church and I was Deacon of the Day recently, so I thought this dress and blazer paired with classic flats bridged the dress code gap between the casual/contemporary First Service and traditional/ dressy service.

pink and navy lace dress

I couldn't resist this dress for a recent blogger event. 

pink bow flats

If you've been following for a minute, you are well aware that I can't resist a bow flat. 

white scalloped shorts

Original post HERE where I talk all about my shorts insecurities. 


workout Wednesday: my weekly schedule

matching workout set
you will be pleasantly surprised where this adorable set is from!
high waisted leggings are $29 and bra is $17 and they come in 5 colors
size up. Size S legging I had a hard time getting on...

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Bench Challenge
About 30 minutes of different exercises working every muscle group, using a bench.
Think Bench Jumps {hands on the bench, feet and body on one side of the bench on the floor, and jump from side to side, over the bench}, incline pushups, with hands on the bench and then feet on the bench, and my personal favorite, lay down push up to burpee to jump on the bench. 

4.7 mile outdoor run
There are two gates into our community and I have always wanted to run from one gate to another, but has always been a little nervous because on the main street, it is quick to drive but looks like an intimidating run. Today, I went for a trail run that let out into another neighborhood. I told myself I could turn around at 2.25 miles, but by that point I had somehow ended up on the main street, so I thought to give this run that I have been thinking about trying, a go! I made it from gate to gate and now found the perfect {almost} 5 mile loop!

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Arms Week 18

2.6 mile run, up hill, pushing the double stroller
there is a hill by our house that I normally start walking after less than 2 minutes. Since I had Jackson with me, I couldn't do my normal 3-4 mile run, since he is a puppy and we are still getting him used to running with us. Therefore, my goal was to get to the turn around point at the top of the hill, pushing the double stroller without stopping. I crushed it! And my legs were jelly. I started to beat myself up for doing a shorter run, but then I praised myself in my self talk since I crushed a goal! 

Orange Theory Class
I love the instructor and chose the 10:25am class, even though is later than I normally like, due to him! I am telling you, even though the workouts are the same at every location on the same day, the instructor {and the playlist!} make a BIG difference!

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Total Body Week 18

3.18 mile run pushing the double stroller

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Abs Week 18
Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Legs Week 18


the only lip liners you will ever need

best lip liners

My go to lip color is rather simple: one light layer of this GRAPEFRUIT BALM and then using this LIP LINER in 'Edge to Edge'. I focus on lining the lips, working my way into the center of the lip, using the lip layer of lip balm to help blend.

This is my favorite lip color to use. I've worn it to workout. I've worn it to date night. When you find the color that works on you, it will work for every moment in your life. Plus, I truly feel that you are never fully dressed until you have lip liner and a smile!

I recently found this UNIVERSALLY FLATTERING LIP LINER and have realized, that I have stumbled upon the only two lip liners you will ever need in your life!


Meghan Mania: her favorite hat

meghan markle panama hat
meghan markle panama hatmeghan markle panama hat

meghan markle instagram

meghan markle instagram

Sadly, these photos are from Meghan Markle's now defunct Instagram account. But file this under the countless reasons that I love that Meghan Markle is now a Royal: we get a look into her private life, even if it is a look at her actress life and before her official joining of the Royal Family. {But some of these photos were from her girls trip in August 2016 with Jessica Mulroney, immediately before she jetted off to Rwanda to meet Harry for their fateful first trip! and five weeks after their first date.}

As I age, I have definitely more strict with my sun exposure on my face. My dermatologist said it is way to protect your investment {now, if someone could help me watch my kids/ open up my schedule to allow for the downtime I need to take advantage of the micro needling I bought myself but never scheduled...10 months ago!}. It never feels like summer to me until I buy a new hat. This year I have gone overboard buying this one, this one and this one in three colors. 

Meghan Markle's white fedora is such a staple of her, that we will probably never see her wear it again, since it is pretty easy to spot. She was great about making it a work overtime, wearing it with everything from her bikini to sundresses, from the beach to late European dinners al fresco. 

Shop all the options below. I found all price points from $24 to $200+, all online retailers, if you have a preference and all brim sizes, so you can find your most flattering fit!


scalloped shorts

white scalloped shorts

white scalloped shorts

white shorts and converse

black lab puppy photoshoot

white scalloped shorts outfit

white scalloped shorts outfit

white scalloped shorts outfit

As I have tried to be extremely honest about during IG Story try ons, I am self conscious of my thighs. Yet, I live in a city that shorts are OK and weather appropriate for most of the year. I have, in the past, had one or two pairs of shorts that I feel comfortable enough in to leave the house and those are my shorts for the summer. Last summer, it was these DENIM CUT OFFS and this summer I will balance the relaxed feel of those with the feminine feel of these WHITE SCALLOPED SHORTS. If you must show your thighs, and if I must showcase an insecurity, it might as well be adorned with scallops. 

photos by Asha Bailey


workout wednesday: my weekly schedule and my total body workout

white moto leggings


Complete 4 Rounds
-100 jumping ropes
-Bicep Curls to a Shoulder Press x 15
-Tricep Dips x15
-Incline Sit Ups x15
-Bicep Curl Combo
start with arms at a 90 degree angle with weights in front of your body and do a basic curl
keep elbows in at your side and palms facing the ceiling and brings arms to your side, like you are making an 'L' with your arms and do a lateral side bicep curl and return to start
Each bicep curl is considered a 1/2 rep

-Lateral Lunge with a Shoulder Press
start with weight (10-15bs) in right hand
legs in a lateral lunge, farther than hip stance apart
right foot is facing forward, left foot is perpendicular, facing directly left
bend left knee to 90 degree, while bringing weight to the inside of the left knee
straighten leg, while bringing weight to your hip, then shoulder than overhead in one fluid motion

25 minutes on the stationary bike


4 mile run
I took Jackson with me for the first 1.5 mile run, as we are getting him used to running, both for training purposes and for his feet and joints. This was his longest run yet!


Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Arms Week 17
Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Full Body Week 17
As I shared in my IG stories, I am trying to get back on track! May and the beginning of June was glutenous to say the least, and all my hard work getting in shape this year was easily undone by a bunch of bad eating and drinking. 


4.3 outdoor run


Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Abs Week 17


6:05 am OrangeTheory class


50 min elliptical


Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Bench Challenge
About 30 minutes of different exercises working every muscle group, using a bench.
Think Bench Jumps {hands on the bench, feet and body on one side of the bench on the floor, and jump from side to side, over the bench}, incline pushups, with hands on the bench and then feet on the bench, and my personal favorite, lay down push up to burpee to jump on the bench. 


instagram roundup

Such a mom outfit, right? I love these RUFFLE SNEAKERS. They look cutest with summer dresses. Unfortunately, this dress sold out, but I have included similar ones below. 

I love our Sunday tradition of going to Church as a family, and then to coffee and croissants at the local town coffee shop. Madrid used to love to be with us in the sanctuary, but now she loves what she calls, "Preschool Church" {the daycare/ child classes}. Leo hates the daycare so we tell him that if he is quiet, he can stay with us in the sanctuary. He is a bit wiggly, especially compared to Madrid, but he tends to be quite quiet. 

navy blouson top

You know that I live for a great navy top, and I love the contrast with the endless navy tops in my closet with these ultra flattering light wash jeans

Are you OK with me sharing these images from Asha on a weekly basis? I love them and what a puppy Jackson was. I was honored to be featured on SD Voyager and love love love that this was the cover image for the feature!

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