navy bell lace

navy bell sleeve dress

navy lace dress outfit

navy bell sleeve dress

navy lace dress outfit

navy lace dress outfit

navy bell sleeve dress

navy lace dress outfit

navy lace dress outfit

navy bell sleeve dress

***note: this dress is currently on sale for $21 and also comes in mustard. I got a small, but could have gotten an XS, if I wasn't worried about the length. 

My Grandmother was amazing.

Like, I wish I had a better word in my vocabulary for amazing, amazing. If you were lucky enough to know her, her would never forget her. She loved saying wildly inappropriate things, was the ultimate definition of witty and always a lady. I always think of her often, but she has been on my mind a lot lately, that is why you have seen me wear her wedding bands on my right pointer finger every day. 

And this purse was hers. I have lots of Ferragmo in my closet, the ultimate 'timeless' investment but this purse is special. I use it for special occasions for when she is heavy on my mind. 


Workout Wednesday : 1/4 mile interval training and my weekly schedule

navy workout legging

^ after I did the following quarter mile interval training. You can see the post run high all over my face! NAVY 7/8 LEGGINGS

As you have seen, I like to keep my workouts different and fun, but juggling #momlife and two businesses, fitting in a workout can be difficult. Sometimes I have to wake up at 5:30am, sometimes I have to make the kids think that we are playing while I do an ab workout. 

With Madrid, my 3 year old daughter, in pre-school twice a week and Leo still napping twice a day, normally I drop Madrid off, cover her in kisses and race to get Leo home for his nap. With a minute to myself {well, almost two hours}, I try to prioritize, not get distracted by checking "just one quick email" and head straight to the treadmill to get an interval training in. I watch shows that I only allow myself to watch on the treadmill so I don't have an excuse, even on those days that I don't feel like it. Show examples have been The Good Wife, Scandal and Designated Survivor. 

Below is one of my favorite 1/4 mile intervals. This is a great way to get a quick but extremely effective workout. I love running, but I know that not everyone does. Nevertheless, even I get bored on the treadmill. By switching it up either every minute, with this workout, or every quarter mile, with the below interval workout, you will not be bored! You will  be dripping sweat and getting a great workout!

Quarter Mile Interval Training

Distance 0-0.25 miles
Walk for warm up about 2 minutes than a base pace
try 5.7-6 mph

Distance 0.25-0.5 miles
Sprint for a 1/4 mile
try 6.5mph

Distance 0.5-0.75 miles
Add 0.1-0.3mph to your starting pace
try 5.8-6.3 mph

Distance 0.75-1 mile
sprint for 1/4 mile 
Add 0.1-0.3 mph to your first sprint
try 6.6-6.8mph

Distance 1-1.25 miles
Add 0.1-0.3mph to the last 'rest'
try 5.9-6.6mph

Distance 1.25-1.5 miles
spring for 1/4 mile
Add 0.1-03mph to your second sprint
try 6.7-7.1mph

and so on...

Continue for at least 3 miles!

50 minutes elliptical

Arm Workout 3 times through:

Bench Press 15 lbs weight x15
Bench Flys 15 lbs x 15
Bicep Curls 15lbs x15

Side to side dips with 15 lbs x 15 each side
20-30 full sit ups on include

Sunday :
This interval treadmill training but walking.

Kayla Itsines Week 3 Legs & Cardio
{still sore}

Running interval training for 4 miles

Kayla Itsines Week 3 Arms & Abs

Treadmill interval training for 3 miles
As I said on Insta Stories, I changed the mph and incline with each minute because I was short on time and wanted a quick but efficient workout. Plus, this makes sure I never get bored!

Day Off

Kayla Itsines Week 3 Total Body
35 minutes elliptical
 I switched up the order and did Kayla first and cardio second. My legs were Jell-O.


champagne gift guide

champagne gift guide

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. // 11. // 12. // 13. // 14. // 15.

1. OLD FASHION CHAMPAGNE COUPE - my dad loves serving champagne in old family heirlooms like these 

2. 'PRESS FOR CHAMPAGNE' KEY CHAIN - the perfect stocking stuffer!

3. CHAMPAGNE TEE - I pre-ordered this for my own stocking the second I found it!

4. 'CHAMPAGNE FOR BREAKFAST' MUG - cute giggle worthy gift.

5. VOLUSPA 'CRISP CHAMPAGNE' CANDLE - great hostess gift or for the new home owner.

6. CHAMPAGNE DESK BELL - another great stocking stuffer. 

7. HERMES CHAMPAGNE PRINT - also love this Chanel one. Might be perfect for my blogging office. 

8. KATE SPADE DOT ACRYLIC ICE BUCKET - great hostess gift! Come with your favorite champagne in tow. 

9. CHAMPAGNE TRUFFLES - great for the preggers on your list, who is probably missing her favorite cocktail. 

10. VOLUSPA PROSECCO CANDLE - I have this and love it. Not only does is smell amazing, but it is gorgeous in our family room. 

11. CHAMPAGNE DIET SWEATSHIRT - my kind of diet!

12. 'MIGHT BE BUBBLY' MUG - all moms need this!

13. CHAMPAGNE GUMMY BEARS - my brother got me these in my stocking last year and I ate them for breakfast!

14. CHAMPAGNE KEY CHAIN - super cute for the champagne girl always losing her keys. 

15. 'NO CHAMPAGNE. NO GAIN' SWEATSHIRT -  I couldn't agree more!


instagram lately

moto leggings and sweater

I recently fell in love with moto leggings, as seen in my Workout Wednesday posts. So just because I had already worked out and showered, this didn't stop me from paring these HUNTER GREEN MOTO LEGGINGS with my favorite monogrammed cashmere. 

white long cardigan outfit
I am totally in love with open front cardigans and this one is my latest obsession. I have it in navy and this white and have worn it with everything from workout gear to over my favorite button down. 

My husband loves to emplacement a "uniform" and therefore has this shirt multiple times over in white and light blue, so Madrid was concerned all day that I had on "dada's" shirt and asked me about it at almost every time he looked at me. Toddler's are the cutest and say the funniest things!

rue saint honore t-shirt

This shirt has me at Bonjour. And VELVET OPEN FRONT CARDIGAN is too good, I got one for the nanny as well! It is beyond cozy and luxe that I was not only shocked where I got it from but also the price. 

burgundy back pack and moto leggings

Original post here

Y'all know that I love a great monochromatic look, so it was only a matter of time that this morphed over into my workout gear. Plus, this color was called 'Hunter' so I naturally loved it. As seen in my recent shopping haul, you saw how cute this FUNNEL NECK SWEATSHIRT is with jeans as well. Add it to your Christmas list. Santa will approve. 


red dress

red bow dress
wreath and dress

best holiday dress
red dress and black pumps
best christmas dress
red bow dress
red dress and black pumps

magnolia wreath and holiday outfit
best red dress


In honor of the holidays, I want to offer a chance to get my Christmas card.  To enter, head to my Instagram

I will be sending out Christmas Cards to a handful of readers. All you have to do is like the photo with the post with this red dress, leave a comment and make sure you are following me!

Because the holidays can be stressful, I wanted to share what I plan on doing to get through the holidays. 

Things that I do to stay focused are below:

  • Pray for thankfulness that I am grateful: If you know me personally, you know that while 2017 was full of blessings, it was also an extremely hard year for our family. While I like to keep these family struggles private {we all have them. I pray that yours aren't as gnarly as ours. ps- Cancer Sucks!}, they are a great reminder to be thankful for the blessings you do have. As we went around our Thanksgiving table to share what we were most thankful for, I said that difficult parts of this year because it makes me grateful for all the goodness in our lives.

  • Workout! : this is the easiest way for me to feel good about myself, less stressed and relaxed. Check out my weekly Wednesday posts for my workout schedule.

  • Datenight : some one on one time with my husband. This way we have adult conversation not in the middle of nap time and a chance to talk about world issues, how cute our kids are and how thankful and lucky we are.

  • Gifting done early : just because Cyber Monday and Black Friday are over, doesn't mean the sales are. Get a list, check out my Gift Guides and order online! There is NO reason to head to the mall. That alone will stress you out!


workout Wednesday : my weekly schedule

navy moto legging

3.25 family run outside

Kayla Itsines Week 2 Legs and Cardio

30 minutes elliptical
Kayla Itsines Week 2 Arms & Abs

With the first circuit, I add jumping pullups:
Use a step or bench to be able to reach the pull up bar. Jump up to bring yourself to the highest point of a pull up and slowly resist until you are dangling. x 10

With the second circuit, I added full sit up on an incline bench x 30

30 minutes stair master
50 minutes elliptical

3.5 mile walk around the zoo for Madrid's birthday!

CorePower Yoga Sculpt at 6am
5K Turkey Trot
2 mile run to and from the trot

Kayla Itsines Week 2 Full body

50 minutes elliptical

Arm Workout 3 times through:

Bench Press 15 lbs weight x15
Bench Flys 15 lbs x 15
Bicep Curls 15lbs x15

Side to side dips with 15 lbs x 15 each side
20-30 full sit ups on include


navy gift guide

Click Directly on the Item to Shop!

1. MONOGRAMMED PACKING CUBES - I used these this summer to keep all four of us organized in one suitcase. I also used them in our condo to keep our drawers organized.

2. MEN'S 1/2 ZIP - great for dads, brothers or uncles! This looks great over a button down for the office, {this one is my husband's favorite} or for layering on a run. 

3. SAINT LAURENT WALLET ON CHAIN - this has been on my Wish List for a while!

4. FITBIT - for the man on your list who is impossible to buy for. 

5. BOY'S VEST - here's one for you, one for your little me and one for the mister. Y'all can match in navy!

6. POM POM BEANIE - for $15, this is a cute stocking stuffer.

7. MY FAVORITE PJS- get them monogrammed!

8. MONOGRAMMED TRAY - great for the hostess or monogram enthusiasts on your list!

9. POM POM KEY CHAIN - for the chic lady, or, if like me, who is always loosing her keys. 

10. BOW HAIR ELASTIC - it comes in a multi pack. The perfect stocking stuffer.

11. NAVY NEW BALANCE - great for the gym and paired with a blazer!

12. BOSE SPEAKER - I've been looking for a new speaker for my husband's new office

13. NEW YORK SWEATSHIRT - for the New Yorker or wannabe. 

14. MONOGRAMMED WEEKENDER - for the bride on your list {get it with her new initials} or for the business traveler so they don't have to deal with baggage claim

15. NAVY TASSEL EARRINGS - how cute would these be with a simple white tee?

17. MONOGRAMMED LUGGAGE TAG - a small but thoughtful gift

18. NAVY STRIPED DINNER PLATES - for the new home owner on your list

19. NAVY VELVET BAG - would work as a clutch or a cosmetic case.

20. NAVY POM POM SLINGBACKS - lust worthy wish list!


Instagram Lately

gray sweater set outfit
You know that I love a great monochromatic look. So this COTTON SWEATER SET had me at hello. It is so comfy, yet chic,  I wore it to my daughter's birthday. I love the ultra feminine sweater set paired with these VELVET BOW FLATS. Can I wear this outfit everyday???  

oversized open front cardigan outfit

I wore this outfit to a Friends-Giving when the San Diego weather was actually acting like November. I wanted to look cute but we cozy. This budget friendly OPEN FRONT CARDIGAN is a must have. I have worn mine on date night and over workout gear. 

Being a mom is awesome. Like hundreds more times awesome than I ever thought. But sometimes, after bath time, I need nothing more than to get cozy and have a glass of wine. This $25 BLUSH HOODIE is beyond awesome and I love the matching joggers. I included more of what else I bought in this same delicious shade. 

plaid ruffle skirt outfit

This PLAID RUFFLE SKIRT I originally bought for family photos, but I used this sweater instead.  { skirt available here and here}. I have had a couple of readers ask for help getting outfits together for Holiday Photos and I have recommended this skirt a couple of times paired with other navy and subtle pops of red {like this for a little mini you}. I love dressing it down with chambray and my ruffle sneakers.

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